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User Guide.


The Razor Real Estate Webflow Template is designed to give you everything you need to create a stunning custom website for your real estate brand.

In this user guide we will explain how to use every part of the template. You will learn how to properly implement it’s powerful features and gain the understanding you need to hit the ground running once you purchase your copy of the Razor Real Estate template.


Razor Real Estate has four main homepage layouts that all follow the same beautiful visual style geared towards the high-end luxury real estate market.

Each layout comes with unique characteristics and sections that you can copy, mix up, re-arrange and edit to create your own unique and custom homepage.

  • Main Layout - This is the principal homepage layout designed to give you a beautiful and highly functional homepage that is optimized for page speed, SEO and can be fully customized and edited to your needs within Webflow.

  • Parallax Layout - This layout is similar to the Main Layout however it features smooth Parallax animation effect on all of the background images used in the layout. This layout also features a fixed navbar that stays visible as the user scrolls down the page.

  • Animated Layout - This layout is designed to give you the option to have elements and sections on the page animate into view as the user scrolls the page. Each interaction is created with the Webflow interactions panel and can be customized and edited as you wish!

  • Video Header Layout - The video header layout is designed for businesses that wish to use a video in their header section to captivate audiences. The background video header section can be easily edited with a few clicks and without writing any code!

Layout Customization

Style Guide

The Razor Real Estate website template for Webflow includes a Style Guide which defines the styling for Colors, Headings, Subheadings, Text, Links, Buttons, Lists and Block Quotes.

You can use the style guide to view and understand the styling of the template and to easily update styles globally across your website to suit your brand.

Styles Customization

The Mega Menu

The Razor Real Estate website template for Webflow features a beautiful animated mega menu.

The mega menu is one of the more complicated elements in the template, and customizing it may be difficult for some users. For this reason, the mega menu element has it's own dedicated Menu Customization page to help you to quickly and easily edit and update this element.

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